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Communicate with High Impact

“Don’t make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

This programme is designed for Leaders, managers and teams who understand and appreciate the true value of effective interpersonal communication and would like to learn new insights, skills, concepts and techniques to enhance the way in which they currently communicate with lasting impact.

The objective of our Communicate with High Impact Programme is to develop and enhance skills that include self observation resulting in a deeper personal understanding of ourselves, our attitudes, our behaviours and the impact of our communication style on ourselves and others. This is done through a blended programme of masterclasses, 1-1 coaching, reflective learning, practice and playback sessions.

Communication and communication styles have a significant impact on how Businesses execute their business strategies.  The impact that poor communication has on both internal and external daily relationships cannot be under-estimated in terms of efficiency, productivity and getting successful projects over the line.  Our experience with clients demonstrates this, but also the significant impact that improvement in the area of communication, attitudes, behaviours and personal awareness can have, not only on relationships but on the overall efficiency of the company.

Personal success relies largely on our ability to communicate. No matter what we do, what we work at, how we live our lives – we do it better if we communicate it better ……it’s that simple!

Effective communication skills are vitally important to developing professional and personal relationships. Relationships begin and grow (and die) through communication, and the quality of communication influences the quality of the relationships. Without good communication skills one’s effectiveness in all roles in life; professional, leader, manager, parent, spouse, friend is limited.

The psychologies that underpin the Communicate with High Impact are Transactional Analysis (TA) , Myers Briggs (MBTI) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).. They support us in understanding what’s going on behind what’s going on for us in terms of how we communicate, react and behave and offers us alternative insights, strategies and perspectives to make different choices.

Embracing the Communicate with High Impact philosophies and skills will help your leaders:

  • Become more competent in generating and maintaining effective relationships, both professionally and personally, resulting in increased levels of trust and personal responsibility and accountability within the team, the organisation and beyond

  • Expand understanding of interpersonal dynamics in ways that enable them to interact with each other, their internal and external customers, suppliers, colleagues and all stakeholders in a more effective and influential way.

  • The focus on TA (Transactional Analysis) aims to offer a common language, where people can appropriately describe and hold each other accountable for inappropriate behaviours without shame, blame or judgement.

  • Discover new ways to create, develop and maintain effective relationships while improving self-confidence, increasing personal awareness and deepening their understanding of those with whom they work.

  • Understanding the different behavioural preferences, identify strengths and limitations of these preferences and learn some strategies to help everyone work more effectively with people who have a different preference to them.

Follow on Coaching sessions following the Masterclasses

The coaching / Mentoring element to all our programmes aims to bring the learnings from the masterclasses to the next level of understanding – with deeper exercises and discussion on how this relates specifically to them in terms of understanding more the people whom they interact with every day (both inside and outside of the work environment). The benefits of these sessions as part of this process, include the safety and confidentiality participants will have with someone what they can trust and respect – a trusted sounding-board, who can listen, help talk through issues or explore different perspectives on anything that’s going on for them at the moment.

Mentor with High Impact

Present with High Impact

Lead with High Impact

Executive Coaching

Learner Feedback

“The program has made me stop and think about how I deal with or approach people (and) has shown me not to judge other people.”

“Exceeded my expectations as it puts some level of understanding how situations develop and how can be handled differently. Puts some science to it!”

“The programme exceeded my expectations. At the outset I was unsure how much of the course would be applicable in my daily practice but was surprised to learn much that will be helpful in my role as a shift leader.”

“An excellent course, really enjoyed the background and what’s behind how we communicate daily. It will really make us change our approach and how we communicate.”

“Relevant, beneficial & enlightening Mary T (Presenter): Genuine, honest and deep understanding of topics covered”

“Mary T is an extraordinary coach and one of the very best tutors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Very creative person and innovative trainer in her instructional techniques, coupled with her dedication and enthusiasm.Mary T and her coaching sessions have inspired me to revise and challenge my own professional behaviours, they allowed me to infuse my enthusiastic personality and professional background into my personal cadence and comfort of speaking, to people at all levels. She taught me to be more patient, positive and detailed with my team and to embrace each and every one of their strengths and challenges, which I now very much enjoy to do. I’m missing our time with her coaching me, but I am happy that I now have so many tools to take into my professional life. Mary T is living proof that passionate people exist and her enthusiasm for sharing it is really contagious.”

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