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Mentor with High Impact

Mentoring is a supportive relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange to grow professionally as well as personally – Suzanne Faure

At its simplest, Mentoring is a developmental relationship where the mentor invests time and shares expertise to enhance the mentee’s personal and professional development.

In this scenario, a mentee benefits from access and exposure to the mentor’s experience, knowledge, skills and insights for developmental purposes and the mentor will at the same time develop and hone their own leadership skills to deliver results through others, become catalysts, who will accelerate the progress of their mentees, enrich their own self awareness and understanding of interpersonal dynamics, to name but a few.  At a more strategic level, a good mentoring programme not only supports leadership development and competencies, but also enriches the efforts at talent management and succession planning in addition to Mentoring with High Impact will always be aligned to the company’s Values, Mission and overall strategies.

  • Accelerates the targeted development of internal high potentials and talents

  • Facilitates networking, professional growth and personal development

  • Enriches the development of interpersonal skills of both the mentors and mentees and everyone they interact with, while strengthening their individual leadership competencies and interpersonal skills

  • Intensifies communication and understanding between different organisational functions and levels to foster organisational efficiency

The aim of Azurite’s Mentoring Programme is to raise the individual and organisational performance through development of the relationship skills, personal and professional capabilities and competencies of both selected mentors and mentees 1-1 Mentor Support Sessions.

The mentors  and the mentees will be further supported through a series of 1-to-1 support sessions following the masterclasses and the first two mentor/ mentee mentoring sessions . The purpose of these sessions is to deepen, embed and integrate the learnings that each of the mentors will have gained during the training workshops and to offer them the opportunity to enhance their own development as individuals and leaders and also the development of their mentees.

Lead with High Impact

Present with High Impact

Communicate with High Impact

Executive Coaching

Learner Feedback

“I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you have done with us as a team here in Galway over the past number of months. I wanted to let you know that as an individual within the team I have found the sessions we have done to be incredibly powerful and have caused me to stop and take stock and notice the incredible changes that have been happening for me both personally and professionally. My fear is diminishing… my confidence is growing and I am just not so worried about the small things anymore. It really has been amazing. I also want to let you know that I personally am starting to see real change within our team in terms of how we are all interacting with each other. There is more honesty, kindness and fun. I truly believe this has been massively helped by our sessions with you. A heartfelt Thank you to you, Mary T.”

Sinead Meaney, Quality Operations Manager Boston Scientific

“The course was excellent.  In particular Day 1 was exceptional.  I really came out of that day feeling good about myself.”

“I have a greater understanding in the role of the mentor, how I could be a better mentor and hopefully be successful with a mentee.”

“The programme has helped me to become more self-aware and more understanding of where others are coming from. It provided the tools to enable me to effectively mentor.”

“The only room for improvement is to do this more often!”

“Feel good factor – learned some great work/life skills – really want to put into practice”

“Refreshing. Life-changing – applies to work and life situations”

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