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Present with High Impact

As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word – Peter Drucker

Leaders aren’t like other people – at least not when it comes to giving a presentation.  You must look and sound like a leader in every presentation you give.  You cannot settle for being average – There’s too much riding on your performance, your prestige, your ability to command people’s attention and support, the success of your project or your organisation.  One of the best ways to position yourself as a leader in the eyes of others is to speak, act and behave like a leader.  It’s about setting yourself apart from the rest.

This programme is specifically designed for people who may be:

  • Already competent presenters, who know they could make a big difference to the organisation’s bottom line if they raised their bar to excellent presenters

  • Excellent when it comes to presentation ‘content’ but need to sharpen presentation delivery techniques and channel any anxiety and un-helpful energy they may have to better use.

  • Very good at making presentations, but are getting a little stale and relying too much on their PowerPoint to do their presenting for them.

  • Advanced presenters who would simply embrace a real stretch to get them from being good to great.

This Programme is about holding yourself to a higher standard, demanding more of yourself, knowing that simply being a good speaker isn’t good enough.

You want your presentations to advance the success of your company and to promote your own personal status.  In your role as leader, you need to speak even better and come across more intelligently than other people.  You need to let yourself shine through.

This proven 2 day highly interactive programme is particularly focused on you, the leaders who want to set yourselves apart from the rest.  It offers you lots of opportunity to practice, become more aware of your own patterns of behaviour and actions when presenting, that could be enhanced, and will help you to become more comfortable and more at ease with impromptu speaking / speaking on your feet! You will receive comprehensive, honest and specific feedback offered in a respectful and sensitive manner.

Azurite combines a background of complementary skills gained in Individual and Group Coaching, 12 years actively involved in Toastmasters International, delivering Communications Workshops, Public Speaking, various Business Management disciplines mixed with an MBA, NLP and coaching qualifications, in working with people to draw out their own unique resourcefulness.

Depending on the importance or the urgency of your individual presentations, the 2 day masterclasses can be followed by a number of optional 1-to-1 session with each participant, which will give your managers and leaders a further opportunity to practice their presentation and integrate the learnings to a deeper level, receive more specific feedback and support and specifically work on anything that could impede the success of their presentation that you didn’t want to bring up at the group session.

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What Others Say

“I attended the Present with High Impact programme with Mary T.  Having attended many courses both in and outside of the work environment, I was interested to see what new information and skills I would learn from this course.  Trainers usually do one of two things – they either give you information or inspire you with the information – Mary T most definitely did the latter!  I felt so inspired after the two days.

Mary T has this wonderful ability to create instant rapport and a safe space, which enables people to connect, shine and be their very best.  Mary T’s style and delivery was fun, creative and interesting.  In my opinion, these are the ingredients to creating a wonderful course!  I most certainly have learnt many new skills, which has enhanced and improved my presentation skills.
Every organisation needs a trainer/facilitator like Mary T.”
Michelle Major, Sales and Relationship Manager, Ex Fexco Group

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